L’Italgiunti has been successfully manufacturing universal joints for the transmission of quality movement for more than 40 years now. The production range has been constantly extended over the years, and after the initial manufacture of drive shafts for heavy-duty vehicles from all the main producers, the current range has gone on to include:

• cardan extensions and telescopic joints for industrial applications where powerful transmissions are required such as in wire drawing machines, paper mills and steel works;

• sliding transmissions, double joints and double cross-piece transmissions for off-road vehicles, particularly for customised balance and distribution;

• drive shafts for long-sliding nautical applications, with special flanges and constant-velocity joints;

• pitch extension and modifications with the insertion of semi-transmissions with oscillating support;

• balancing, even on four axles, up to 5000 g/m’.

L’Italgiunti, thanks to the vast experience it has acquired in the sector, is able to provide its customers with comprehensive assistance even during the various design stages for special applications or according to specific customer requirements.

Italgiunti proposes a new transmission compatible with the Renault Kangoo. One of the latest additions proposed by Italgiunti is the transmission for the Renault Kangoo , with identical qualities to the original, but with the following advantages:

• Possibility of servicing over time the parts most susceptible to wear and tear, such as the supports and the cross-pieces, without having to replace the entire transmission, which would be necessary with the original;

• Elimination of the central dampener, a very delicate and expensive part, replaced with a simple connection tube with a greater cross-section, including anti-resonance components inside, all of which guarantees the flywheel effect ;

• The reliability of a product entirely Made in Italy, with spare parts always available, even with the passing of time.

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