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Universal joints. Italgiunti

Universal joints (also known as Cardan joints) are used to transmit rotary motion between parts of a car which are not aligned with each other. Such articulation can allow bending movements in any direction.

The first motorcar to benefit from the use of a universal joint was the Fiat Tipo 3. The universal joint is widely used in mechanics due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness with respect to other types of shaft joints. In agricultural machinery a telescopic shaft is used with two universal joints to transmit the rotary motion from the power take-off of the tractor to the connected equipment. For more than 40 years now, Italguinti has been producing universal joints, fork flanges, drive shafts for nautical applications, industrial drive shafts, ship drive shafts, telescopic joints, constant velocity joints, industrial drive shafts, cardan drive shafts, sliding drive shafts, drive shafts or industrial vehicles, nautical drive shafts, half drive shafts, extra short drive shafts, double drive shafts, marine drive shafts, power drive shafts, mechanical drive shafts, cardans and cardan extensions.
Our company draws its strength from its ability to perform all the necessary processes onsite starting from the raw materials, with the exception of thermal treatment and plastic coating processes.
This allows us to constantly monitor the quality of our products and gives us a high level of manufacturing flexibility, which is the real strength of Italgiunti. 

The forged pieces, all strictly made in Italy, arrive on site where, after an initial visual inspection in goods in, they are marked with an identification sign indicating the internal product code, the supplier, the quantity and the date of arrival. They are then stocked in a warehouse dedicated to the preservation of unprocessed moulded pieces.
Over the years, the machinery at our disposal has steadily been added to and updated while keeping abreast of the most modern technology available in the sector. Today, we can boast six numerical control lathes of various sizes of which three have motorised tools; three vertical machining centres, one horizontal machining centre and special machines created especially for our manufacturing requirements, including: two vertical broaching machines for interiors, a frontal broaching machine for exteriors, a roller, two gear cutters, a grinder for exteriors, a multi-head transfer for the manufacture of bearing seats and a centralizer.

The variety and number of machines available allows the company to benefit from great manufacturing flexibility, which also includes the ability to produce small batches according to client designs and specifications. We are also able to customise standard production, with the usual speed and quality that has become our hallmark.

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